Department of Chemistry

Department Information

The Department of Chemistry was established in 2016. It is committed to achieve creation of knowledge, pursuit of academic excellence and holistic development of the students. It organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lectures etc. to ensure academic growth of the students. At present Mrs. P. S. Kulkarni as a Head of the department and Shri. S. J. Kamble, Miss. A. B. Patil & Miss. S.A. Patil are working as a faculty member.

  • To build foundation for excellence in the study of chemistry in professional courses as a part of curriculum.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching and research field of Chemistry.
  • To awaken the student minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical chemistry, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods.
  • To organize critical contributions in areas of emphasize such as faculty, modern labs, department library and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of Chemistry.
  • To impart quality education & achieve academic excellence
  • Conduction of International and National conference to get updated knowledge in different sectors of Chemistry.
  • Development of analytical, soft & inter-personal skills to build a confidence.
Departmental Facilities

The Department of Chemistry provides departmental facilities and various ICT tools to ensure effective teaching-learning in the classroom and to improve attainment level of the students. ICT allows students to monitor and manage their own learning skill. Followings are the facilities given by Department of Chemistry:

Sr. No. Type of Material Quantity
1 UG Practical Laboratory 02
2 Digital Balance 02
3 Physical Instruments 08
4 Hot air Oven 01
5 Thermostat 02
6 Distillation Unit 01

Department library

The departmental library has been started in last five years which makes available different variety of books to enrich the learning of basic & new advanced Chemistry reaction concepts. We exchange the books with all year B.Sc. students and we maintain the record of it. Students make their own notes and additional information about basic Chemistry concepts.

No. of Books No. of E-Journals Magazine
30 U02 02

Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)

The Department of Chemistry utilizes various evaluation procedures to give practice of writing answers in effective manner at University Level examinations. These attempts prepare the students well to face examinations and achieve great success. Major evaluation procedures adopted are as follows:

Sr. No. Type of Reform in CIE Quantity
1 Provided Question Bank 20
2 Open Book Exam 15
3 MCQ Online Quiz 30
4 Seminar 30
5 Projects 150
6 Home Assignment 50
7 Surprise Test 10
6 Self Designed CIE Notebook 05

ICT Tools and Resources:

Department of Chemistry provides various facilities based on ICT tools for effective Teaching – Learning Process. Following are the facilities

Sr. No. Type of Material Quantity
1 PPTs 60
2 E-books 02
3 PDF notes 40
4 Question banks 20
5 Videos 200
6 Google meet 10