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Since 1984 Commerce department of our college started M.COM for the purpose of good academic career in Costing, Taxation. M.Com department updated more Professional in costing, Taxation through the various professional personalities. Our department organized various workshop, guest lectures, conferences, group discussion and other program under commerce department. Department also guide to the students individually to make their career in M.P.S.C UPSC, BANKING, LIC and other govt. –non govt. competitive exams.

  • The Department is committed to integrate all facet of commerce and management to educate and train innovative and competent human resources suitable for Industry, Business and Service Sector and to equip and encourage them to start their own Business.
  • We are dedicated to secure and deliver knowledge through teaching research and extension; and seek to continuous improvement in the quality of education to remain globally competitive.
  • To build the conceptual foundation in areas of Commerce and Management.
  • To keep regular interaction with educational institutions, banks and industries with the help of MOU and Industrial Visits.
  • To develop entrepreneurship skills among the students.
  • To develop quality human resources to industry as well as society.
  • To develop students for professional career in Accounting, Finance, Management, Research and Higher Education.
Use of ICT Tools & Resources:

Question Banks
Quantity : 08
Google /Zoom Meet
Quantity : 40
Departmental Library:

Apart from the central library, a department library is maintained by M.Com department which will have the text and reference books prescribed in the syllabus. It will facilitate better accessibility and learning of students.

Particulars Department Library
1. Reference Books 20
2. Magazines 05

References books
WhatsApp group:

WhatsApp groups of first, second year students were formed from the academic year 2018-19. Video lectures, study materials, questionnaires as well as important suggestions, student feedback are exchanged through WhatsApp group.

M.Com Taxations & Costing groups

M.Com Taxations & Costing groups

Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE):

The Department of M.Com utilizes various evaluation procedures to give practice of writing answers in effective manner at University Level examinations. These attempts prepare the students well to face examinations and achieve great success. Major evaluation procedures adopted are as follows:

Sr. No Type of Reform in CIE 78
1 Provided Question Bank 08
2 Open Book Exam 05
3 Seminar 05
4 Projects 200
5 Home Assignment 158
6 Unit test 12
7 Internal Exam 05

M.Com Taxations & Costing groups

M.Com Taxations & Costing groups

M.Com Taxations & Costing groups