Department Information

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid growth of IT industry in India, the demand of computer professional is increasing day by day. This increasing growth of IT industry has created a lot of opportunities for the computer graduates.

Department of Bachelor of Computer Application was established at Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya 2008 with an initial intake of 80 students. Ever since its inception, the department has seen tremendous growth in terms of academics, higher education, research & innovation. At present department has the total intake of 210 students.


  • B.C.A Department provides a platform for students to match the technical skills at international standards
  • To provide the atmosphere for students so they can create employment opportunities for themselves as well as for others
  • The Department of Computer Applications at Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur provides excellent technology to the students as well as faculty so that they can be equipped with the requisite skills as per IT industry standards
  • To prepare the students for technical training with revolutionary vision who can compete globally
  • To brush up the ethical as well as technical skills in students so that they will become the preferable choice of a prospective employer.


  • BCA offers the prequalification for professionals heading for smart career in the IT field, which measures up to international standards
  • To provide technical education to the students through well-equipped labs
  • Giving personal attention to weaker students consequently, allowing them to cope up with other scholars
  • To provide a student-friendly environment that is amicable for practical knowledge
  • Department provides practical assignments to students so that they are hooked to it.
  • To implement the professional and communication skills of the students, working deliberately.


  • Provide a strong foundation in fundamentals of computers with exceptional skills of problem solving, communication and directing towards technical knowledge.
  • To develop interest and awareness among the students about trending programming techniques.
  • To enforce a developed team to inculcate their expertise in diverse field.
Department Library:

Apart from the central library, a department library is maintained by BCA department which will have the text and reference books prescribed in the syllabus. It will facilitate better accessibility and learning of students. Our department library has 20 reference books and 2 magazines.

Particulars Quantity
Reference Books 68
Text Books 19
Magazine 2
CD’s & DVDs 7
Digital Advancement

B.C.A Department has implemented digital classroom to enrich the experience of Learning by providing Online lecture series delivering lectures through YouTube Channels exploration of new concepts using ICT Tools.

Department is well equipped with Computer Lab, Classrooms, Faculty compartment, White Board, Department Library, Computers, Printer, LCD Projector, Speaker, Modem, Router, Chairs, stools, Motivational Photos etc.

Well Equipped Computer Lab (BCA Department)
WhatsApp group:-

From the academic year 2020-21, online teaching process has been started for the first, second and third year and for this, group-wise WhatsApp groups of students have been formed. Based on this, lectures, reference materials, videos, audios, references on YouTube, questionnaires and the feedback process are seriously implemented. Study Sources:

1) E-books - 10
2) P.P.T. Bank - 50
3) E-Journals - 02
4) YouTube Audios and Videos - 20

Internal evaluation methods:

For the evaluation method of the students, the question paper set is bank, open book exam, preliminary exam, surprise test, oral examination. In addition, the college has prepared an internal assessment book for the third year students, in which homework, seminars, projects are written.

CIE Methods
  • Surprise Test
  • Prelim
  • MCQ Test
  • Seminar
  • Projects
  • Unit Test
  • Open book Test
  • Assignments Notebooks
  • Oral Exam
  • Debating