Department of Chemistry

Name Chemistry
Date of Establishment June 2016
Head Mrs.Kulkarni Priyanka Sachhidanand
Faculty Members 05
Faculty of Department
Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Workload Profile
1 Mrs. P.S. Kulkarni Asst. Professor M.Sc. B.Ed. 25 Click here to View Profile
2 Miss. P.D. Bhosale Asst. Prof. M.Sc. 23 Click here to View Profile
3 Miss. M.C. Desai. Asst. Prof. M.Sc. 23 Click here to View Profile
4 Mrs. S.A. Phalake Asst. Prof. M.Sc. 23 Click here to View Profile
5 Miss. S. N. Chougale Asst. Prof. M.Sc. 23 Click here to View Profile
Brief Information

The Department of Chemistry was established from June 2016on wards. Initially, there were 66 students per first batch. Earlier,there is an increase in strength of students per year.In Chemistry laboratory,there are total 14 instruments for physical session. Also, the facility, of distilled water is present. At a time, about 60 students can do practicals in a batch regularly. Also, each student can have it’s separate locker system with him. Day- by-day,the department has organized a one day workshop on “Study of reaction Mechanism in Organic Chemistry” on 3rd Jan .2019, under lead College, scheme,kop.Also for students, number of Seminars and surprising tests were arranged in last year. In the academic year, two visit tours were arranged for B.Sc. Part III in 208-19 at Gokul shirgaon and Bhogawati Sugar industry,Bhogawati.

  • To Develop a good quality Students per year.
  • Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Students should be able to use appropriate usual chemistry concepts and skills to solve both routine life situations including those in real life contexts.
  • To understand role of chemistry in daily life & how to use chemistry in various problems & solve the problems.
  • To undertand basic concepts in chemistry & how life without chemistry is impossible.
  • To Provide a good facility of ICT Lectures for each faculty students.
  • To organize a good carrer guidance lectures for B.Sc. Part III students.
  • Drinking Water System.
  • Distilled Water System.
  • Separate Locker System.
Student Strength of the Department

B. A. I (Psy)

Year Male Female Total
2015-16 - - -
2016-17 44 22 66
2017-18 50 20 70
2018-19 40 16 56
Co-curricular Activities
  • Seminar Representation for B.Sc. Part III.
  • Student Seminar & Projects, Surprising Tests.
  • Poster Presentation programme for B. Sc. Part II & III.
  • Workshop on “Study Of Reaction Mechanis in Organic /chemistry”
  • Workshop on “ Recent Opporunities in chemical Industries”
Extra Co-curricular Activities
  • Organization of Guest Lectures.
  • One day Visit of B.Sc. Part III students at Gokul Sahakari Dudh Sangh, Gokul-Shirgaon,Kolhapur on 29th dec. 2018.
  • Study Tour at Bhogawati Sugar Factory of B.Sc. Part III students on 21st & 22th Jan . 2019.
Sr.No. Institute/College Date
1. Shri. Shahaji Chh. Mahavidyalaya,& G.K.Gokhale College, Kolhapur. 10/09/2019
Subject Related Courses
Sr.No. Course Name Certified Agency/ University Student Strength
1. NIL -- --