Department of Psychology

Organized Seminar/Conferences/Workshops
Name Psychology
Date of Establishment 1974
Head Shri. A. B. Balugade
Faculty Members 01
Faculty of Department
Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Workload Profile
1 Mr. A. B. Balugade Assistant Professor M.A. ,Ph.D., SET 16 Click here to View Profile
Brief Information

Department of Psycholgy was started in 1974. There are no separate department for third year since establishment of college. Psychology subject teach only first and secnd year of B.A. with the addition of Traditional Logic (IDS) subject is also teach for second year of B.A. Prof. R. H. Kulkarni was first head of the department of Psychology. Now Shri. A. B. Balugade, Assistant Professor in Psychology working as a head of the department. He has participated and presented research papers in various conferences, seminars and workshops. The department was organized one day National Seminar on “Tribal Society: Literature, Society and Psychographic relationship” on 23rd Jan.,2014. The department organize various activities in the department for the students progress.

  • To help to students for becoming phycially, mentally(psychologically), emotionally and socially active.
  • To understand and develop the level of thinking, creativity and consciousness of students.
  • To motivate and incourage to students to apply the knowledge in personal life.
  • To promote and support to the students for becoming independent.
  • To develop the skills for personality development related with their future.
  • To help for application of psychological content and skills to career goals.
  • Psychology subject teach only first and second year of B. A. There is no speial deartment for Psychology subject. So, a special room is not allotted to the department.
Student Strength of the Department

B. A. I (Psy)

Year Male Female Total
2015-16 49 22 71
2016-17 82 39 121
2017-18 56 24 80

B. A. II (Psy)

Year Male Female Total
2015-16 23 16 39
2016-17 27 17 44
2017-18 17 16 33

B. A. II (Logic)

Year Male Female Total
2015-16 47 39 86
2016-17 46 24 70
2017-18 28 32 60
Co-curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

We have conducted number of co-curricular activites for the benefit of students

  • Organized study tour at “Koham mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre, Kolhapur” on dated 14th Sept., 2017.
  • Organized Guest Lecture on the topic of Self-Identification and Personality Development” delivered by a famous Counsellor Dr. Shubhada Diwan on dated 4th October, 2017.
  • Organized Guest lecture on the topic of “Stress Management” for senior and junior professors of Shri Shahaji Chh. Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur on dated 30th Nov., 2017.
Eminent Alumni
Sr.No. Name Occupation
1 Shri. Vinod D. Kamble Assistant Professor, PVP College, Kavate Mahankal
2 Shri. Anil B. Balugade Assistant Professor, Shri Shahaji Chh. Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur
3 Shri. Imran S. Shaikh-Mujawar Vice-President of We Care Social Foundation