Department of English

Department Information

The Department of English was established in 1974. It is committed to achieve creation of knowledge, pursuit of academic excellence and holistic development of the students. It has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. It organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lecturers etc. to ensure academic growth of the students. It is instrumental in developing successful alumni. It organizes diverse student centric activities and events. It runs an add-on course “Pragmatic English” to develop language competencies.

  • To provide excellent exposure for the study of English language and literature and develop competent users of the language.
  • To impart quality education to the students and to develop their creative and critical thinking abilities.
  • To develop interest about English language and literature among students through curricular activities.
  • To develop English language proficiency of the students through various innovative practices.
  • To give excellent exposure of English by organizing academic meets.
  • To inculcate research aptitude among students.
  • To develop competent users of English language with high employability skills.
Departmental Facilities
Sr. No Facilities
1 Well-Furnished Classroom
2 Departmental Library
3 Desktop – 01
4 LCD Projector – 01
5 LCD Projector – 01
6 YouTube Videos
7 Zoom App
8 Google Meet
9 Anchor Application
Use of ICT Tools & Resources:
Desktop – 01, LCD
Projector – 01,
Speakers, CDs and DVDs of Films and Plays based on literary texts
Type of Material Quantity
PPTs 18
E-books 7
PDF Notes 26
Question Banks 30
Movies 6
Videos 02
SIM Materials (SUK) 7

Conducting Guest lecture using ICT Tools

Exploring films using ICT Tools

Departmental Library:

In addition to the central Shivaji Library, the Department of English started a departmental library during the assessment period of 2017-18 to 2021-22 to render better academic resources to the students. The departmental library makes available a wide variety of books to enrich the learning of English language and literature. The collection is enriched with donations of books by faculty and students on their birthdays.

Sr. No Particulars Departmental Library
1. Reference Books 50
2. 7Text Books 19
3 Journals 8
4 Periodicals 2
5 CD’s & DVDs 13
Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE):

The Department of English utilizes various evaluation procedures to give practice of writing answers in an effective manner at University Level examinations. These attempts prepare the students well to face examinations and achieve great success. Major evaluation procedures adopted are as follows:

Sr. No Type of Reform in CIE Quantity
1. Provided Question Bank 4
2. Open Book Exam 2
3 Oral Exam 5
4 Preliminary Exam 2
5 MCQ Online Quiz 15
6 Seminar 5
7 Projects 5
8 Home Assignment 4
9 Surprise Test 2
10 Self-Designed CIE Notebook 5
11 Creative Writing Workshops 2
12 Strengthened Experiential Learning 5
11 Provided Question Bank 4

Surprise Test

MCQ Online Quiz