Department of History

Department Information

The department of History in Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya offers a unique, knowledgeable and creative field of History. The department has a strong focus on research with faculty who are experts in their fields.The History department seeks to build its students’ transferable skills, employability and intellectual curiosity, along with raising public awareness about the past and its legacies, through teaching, research and service activities conducted locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Above all, the faculty members are always ready to render all possible assistance and guidance to students within and outside the campus as and when required.

Department of History strated in 1971. Initially the department had a limited strength. But leeter it took massive jump and at present it is one of the leading department among the colleges affilitted to the Shivaji University, Kolhapur so far as the streanght of students is concerned. Dr. J. B. Pawar (1974 to 2002) an eminaenthistorienand renowned Proffessor of History, Shri AnandraoVairat,(1974 to 1998) and Shri. A. D. Girigosavi (1987 to 2012) were the Ex. faculty memebers of the department. At present Dr. S. V. Shikhare is the Associate Professor and Head of Department, Mr. S. D. Aparadh and Dr. S. D. Jadhav is the Assistant Professor and faculty memebers.

Department Vision, Mission & Objectives:

  • Develop and sustain the interest of the students in historical era to march ahead for progressive future.
  • To equip the students with the history of past and inculcate the skills of historical research through enquiry, analysis and interpretation.
Objectives of Depaetment:
  • To acquaint the students with the rich tradition of Maratha History.
  • To promote studies in the history of society and culture of India in general and Maharashtra in particular.
  • To develop interest and awareness among the students about local history and historical monuments.
  • To encourage students to acquire the skills and methods of writing history and to develop research aptitude.
Innovative Activities:

The Department of History has implemented many innovative activities so far. These include are;

  • Village History (गावांचा इतिहास)
  • Family History (कुटुंबाचा इतिहास)
  • Heritage Walk (वारसास्थळ पदयात्रा)
  • Giribramanti Campaign (दुर्गभ्रमंती)
  • Departmental Blog (विभागीय ब्लॉग)
  • Rajmudra Wallpaper, (राजमुद्रा भिंतीपत्रक)
  • Departmental Library (विभागीय ग्रंथालय)
  • One Book for Department (एक पुस्तक विभागासाठी)
  • Rare Coin Collection (दुर्मिळ नाणी संग्रह)
Department Facilities:
  • A separate ICT based class room is provided for the department in our college building.
  • The department has a small library having around150 books. Many of these are text books and the students can consult them in the department itself history.
  • The department also has a collection of above 100 maps
Add-on Certificate Course: Modi Script

To promote a multidisciplinary approach, a Certificate course entitled ‘Modi Script’ was introduced in the Department of History in collaboration with the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. During the assessment period five batches successfully completed the said course.

Year Student Enrollment Appeared Total Pass
2017-18 14 14 14
2018-19 14 14 14
2019-20 11 11 08
2021-22 10 08 05
Department Libarary:

The Department of History has rich source of self-designed library. It introduced its own library in the assessment period to provide better academic resources to the students. The departmental library makes available wide variety of books, reference books, journals, maps etc to widen the knowledge of students.

Reference Books 26
Text Books 93
Historical Maps 125
Historical Atlas Books 01
Globe 01
Journals (Back Volums) 140