Department Information

Department Information

The Department of Mathematics was established in 2014. The purpose to develop calculating, computing critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving upcoming mathematician. Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. It organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, guest lectures, poster presentation etc. to ensure academic growth of the students.

  • To provide an environment where students can learn, become competent users of mathematics, and understanding the use of mathematics in other disciplines.
  • The Department of mathematics will offer courses will ensure that the student-learner develop the skills will able to contributes to society nowadays.
  • The student will obtain abilities to critically assess the mathematical and statistical data.
  • The faculty members in this department motivate and stimulate our young mathematician to develop their knowledge and discipline.
  • The student can pursue higher studies in mathematics and join as a teacher, professor and research fellow also.
  • The candidates can appear for banking Examination for various posts.
  • Students can also make a career in the finance sector, IT sector and research firms. Opportunities for close interaction between students and faculty, both within and beyond the Classroom, including student mentoring and research opportunities.
Department Facility :

The Department of Mathematics provides departmental facilities and various ICT tools to ensure effective teaching-learning in the classroom and improve attainment level of the students. ICT allows students to monitor and manage their own learning skill.

ICT Tools and Resources

  • Desktop – 01
  • LCD Projector – 01
  • LCD Printer, CDs and DVDs of Mathematics Aspects

Type of Material Quantity
PPTs 6
E-books 2
PDF Notes 5
Question Banks 15
Videos 56
SIM Materials (SUK) 4
Google Classroom 3

Departmental Libraries:

The department has established an updated departmental library during the assessment period. Department has textbooks, reference books, journals/periodicals are available in the library. The main aim of departmental library is to serve the students and teachers by providing essential and rare books.

Sr. No. Numbers of books Titles
1 02 1)Integral Transform by Goyal - Gupta
2) Integral Transforms A R Vasishtha and R K Gupta
2s 01 1) Finite Differences and Numerical Analysis by H. C. Saxena
3 01 1) Methods of Real Analysis by Richard R Goldberg
4 01 Graph Theory
5 09 Journal Copies
6 03 Projects