Department Information

Department Information

No. Name Designation
1 Prin. Dr. R. K. Shanediwan President
2 Dr. R. D. Mandnikar Member
3 Dr. S. V. Shikhare Member
4 Mr. R. J. Bhosale Member
5 Dr. P. B. Patil Member Secretary

Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya, Kolhapur has a long tradition of sports culture since 1971. Sports persons of our college excel at International, National, State and University level competitions of various sports. Major Shivaji Lad headed the Sports Department till 2004. Mr. Prashant Patil is working as Director of Sports and Physical Education Department since 2007. Under the able guidance of Principal Dr. R. K. Shanediwan, the department of sports made tremendous progress in the last few years.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports takes initiative in promoting various types of sports such as Wrestling, Kho-kho, Kabbadi, Football, Hockey, Weight-Lifting, Best Physique, Power Lifting, Baseball, Softball, Judo etc. The college campus has both indoor and outdoor sports training facilities. The requirements of other play grounds are met by using the grounds of sports associations/ clubs in Kolhapur city. The sport persons are provided with all the required training on the campus and off the campus. Adequate measures are taken to ensure players are given access to facilities to help them hone their skills and prepare for various tournaments.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports is working with the aims and objectives of the Institution. It has its plans and policies to promote the sports culture. It is working with certain objectives to fulfill mission of excellent performance in Sports.

  • To promote the sports spirit among the students.
  • To sustain the team spirit among them.
  • To make them health conscious.
  • To inculcate the sportsmanship through competitions.
  • To encourage the students from rural background to participate in sports.
  • To develop the dormant skills of the students.

Our Institution, in its policies and procedures, has always taken utmost efforts for the holistic development of students. It has inculcated the sports culture among the students since its beginning. The necessary steps are taken from time to time to sustain their interest in sports.The Institution always encourages sports persons for best performance.

The Institution provides the following facilities:

  • Five percent sports quota
  • Travelling Allowance/ Daily Allowance
  • Medical facilities
  • Fee concession
  • Sports kits
  • Sports equipments
  • Counseling sessions
  • Fitness tests
  • Counseling to sports persons with disability (Divyang)
  • Gymnasium Facilities
  • Celebration of ‘National Sports Day’
  • Felicitation of sports persons
  • Guidance of expert coaches and trainers

The Director of Sports and Physical Education interacts and guides the sports persons on the regular basis. The Institution felicitated the sports persons by organizing special sports ceremony in the auspicious presence of renowned sport personality.


Existing Sports in the college:

Indoor Sports:

Wrestling, Shooting, Power Lifting, Weight Lifting, Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing, Body Building, Rope Mallkhamb, Carrom, Chess

Outdoor Sports:

Football, Softball, Baseball, Hockey, Swimming, Kabaddi, Handball, Hockey, Athletics

Newly introduced Sports:

Floor ball, Shooting (Para), Pencak Silat, Power Lifting (Para), Kick Boxing, Bench Press


Selection Procedure:

  • Notice: The notice regarding selection for each sport is issued for the information of the sports persons. The notice states the dates, time and venue for selection procedure. It issues the instruction as: Interested students should meet the Director of Sports with the latest copies of their Certificates of Merit or Certificates of Participation from ‘recognized’ competitions.
  • Process: The selection procedure is carried out as per guidelines and the skilled sports persons are selected for practice camps on the basis of performance.
  • Final List of Selected Players: The names of selected players are announced on the day of selection camp. The selected sports persons are informed to attend the regular practice sessions.
  • Information of various Competitions: The competition schedule declared by university, state, national level competitions are brought to the information of the students. The sport persons are given opportunities to represent the college in these sports competitions.
  • Document Collection and Verification: The documents as per guidelines issued are collected and verified. The further process is carried out with the help of administrative office with recommendation letter signed by the principal.
  • Participation in Competitions: The sports persons are provided with Travelling allowance and Daily allowance as per guidelines. The sports kit and other facilities are provided as per requirements of sports and games.
  • Felicitation on Achievements: The sports persons are felicitated for their outstanding performance at every level and are encouraged to participate at the higher level competitions.

The Department of Physical Education and Sports has signed MoU and Linkage with the following organizations for collaborative activities.

6.1 MoU with YogVidyaDham, Kolhapur

6.2 Linkage with Kolhapur Paralympics Association, Kolhapur



  • Students will be allowed into the Gymkhana only during their respective breaks or if they have a free lecture.
  • Playing or listening to loud music in the gym is strictly forbidden.
  • Eatables or beverages are not allowed inside the Gymkhana.
  • The Management will not be responsible for mishaps or injuries, loss or theft of personal belongings.
  • Students are responsible for their own safety.

Regarding Gymkhana equipment(s):

  • The equipment used must be handled with care
  • The equipment should be kept in the allotted space after use.
  • Any damage caused to the equipments will be borne by the person responsible.

Regarding Accessibility of Gymkhana:

  • The Gymkhana will be opened only by the person appointed by the College.
  • The Gymkhana can be opened by any other person, provided that the concerned person has been given permissionby the College.

The Gymkhana will remain closed on the following occasions:

  • Absence of the concerned Gymkhana staff.
  • CIAs (Continuous Internal Assessment) and End Semester Exams.
  • Public Holidays.

Indoor Games Facilities: Indoor Games will be held in Yashwantrao Chavan Hall of the Parent Institution.


The Student Sports Representative to the Student’s Council is recommended by the Director of Sports. The recommendation of a student is guided by the following points:

  • He/ She must be in the Final Year of Graduation.
  • He/ She should have passed all the subjects in the previous academic year.
  • He/ She should have represented the College at the University level or above in individual/ team sports or both.
  • He/ She had organized, volunteered, or participated in Intra-College sports activities such as the Annual Sports Day, Inter-Class tournaments, Seminars, Workshops, etc. conducted by the Sports Department.
  • He/ She should not have been debarred more than once from any College examination due to non-fulfillment of the College Attendance Rules.

1. Mr India Shri Bibhishan Patil Inspirational Award: Best Player of the Year Award

Scholarship Criteria: The Award is given to the sport person exhibiting outstanding performance during the Academic Year.

2. Financial Support:

Scholarship Criteria: Medal winners in Shivaji University Inter zonal Tournaments and all India Inter University participating sports persons are given financial aid of 1000/- each.