Department of Physics

Department Information

The Department Physics was established in 2014.It is committed to achieve creation of knowledge, It has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. It organizes seminar, workshops, and guest lecturers etc, to ensure academic growth of the students.

  • • To be a socially responsible educational center for academic excellence.
  • • To strive for Rajarshi Shahu’s ideals of mass education, social justice and equality.
  • Spread of education among socially and economically disadvantaged classes.
  • Development of students personality through curricular, co-curricular and
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Promotion of democratic values among the students.
Departmental Facilities

Physics department have well equipped laboratory in which many instruments are their

Sr. No Name of Equipment Quantity
1 Travelling Microscopes 3
2 Telescopes 2
3 Hot Plate 3
4 Mercury Source 2
5 Sodium Source 1
6 Spectrometer 2
7 Motivational Leader Photos 5


Travelling microscopes
Use of ICT Tools

The Department of Physics provides departmental facilities and various ICT tools to ensure effective teaching-learning in the classroom and improve attainment level of the students. ICT allows students to monitor and manage their own learning skill. Followings are the facilities given by Department of Physics:

Sr. No Type of Material Total
1 You tube

2 What’s app 2


Travelling microscopes
Departmental Library

In addition to central Shivaji Library, the Department of Physics started departmental library during the assessment period of 2021-22 to render better academic resources to the students. The collection is enriched with donations of books by faculty and students.

Sr. No Particulars Department Library
1 Reference Books 11
2 Text Books 06

Reforms in continuous Internal Evolution (CIE)

The Department of Physics utilizes various evaluation procedures to give practice of writing answers in effective manner at University Level examinations. These attempts prepare the students well to face examinations and achieve great success. Major evaluation procedures adopted are as follows:

Sr. No Type of Reform in CIE
1 Seminar
2 Surprise Test
3 Question bank


Travelling microscopes
MoU & Activity under MoU

Department of Physics of Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidhyalaya,Kolhapur and New College, Kolhapur has been done MoU on 02/08/2019.

Sr. No Name of the Faculty Date Topic Name
1 Dr. P. D. Kamble 13/12/2019 Demo of Physics Practical.
2 Dr. M. R. Shedam 27/12/2019 Study visit to Physics lab of New college..

Dr. P. D. Kamble, New College, Kolhapur Visited Physics Department