Department of Political Science

Department Information

Department of Political Science was established in 1974. Since the inception of the college it remained glorious and notable department. It is committed to fulfill the vision mission and objectives of the Institute by providing excellent academic eminence. At present Dr. R. D. Mandanikar is the Head of Department and Dr. V. J. Dethe works as a faculty Member. It endeavors to offer innovative programs, excellent student strength, result percentage, add-on course, meritorious award, MoUs, diverse teaching-learning methods with ICT, alumni meets to improve the academic eminence of the students.

Vission, Mission, Objectives:

  • To provide excellent exposure for the in-depth study of constitutional knowledge, political culture and process of Indian politics.
  • To develop political leadership with the sense of social commitment
  • To provide systemic guidance related to political theory and organization
  • To develop political understanding
  • To provide initial training Panchayat Raj Administration governing process and parliamentary affairs. .
  • To develop leadership qualities among the rural students
  • To develop a sense of civic responsibilities among the students .
  • To Describe basic political and governmental structures processes
  • To Increase sharpen analytical thinking skill and challenges students to evaluate critically the rights and responsibilities of citizens living in a democracy...
  • To increase political awareness in society
  • To Develop political Leadership with the sense of social Commitment

Facilities :

There is a separate and well-equipped classroom for the Department of Political Science. ICT for teaching-learning in the department. (Computer, LCD projector) devices are used effectively. Independent faculty room, glass board, notice board, independent departmental library etc. Facilities are available. Also displayed are maps of the world continent, India and its constituent states, Union Territories. Informative digital boards of various elements of the democratic system are displayed on the walls of the classroom. Similarly, students are provided with necessary reference books, text books, question sets along with the study papers.


From Department of Political Science total of three different flow edit texts books have been published,

1. In the Context of Contemporary Social Science and Language Between the Problems and Challenges

2. Leader and Follower

3. International Politics and on this Matter in Indian politics.