Department of Psychology

Department Information

Department of Psychology started in 1971. Since the establishment of the institution, Psychology subject is taught only B. A. I & II class. Traditional Logic interdisciplinary subject (IDS) is also taught alongwith Psychology. In the early days, Mr. Kadam and Mr. Gawade was working for some time. After that Mr. R. H. Kulkarni was appointed permanently on 24th July 1977. He taught for 23 years. After his retirement, almost 13 years the CHB teachers were appointed. At present, Dr. A. B. Balugade is working as the head of the department/subject. There is no special department for Psychology. However, the department has organized state, national and international seminar and webinars on different psychological issues. The department emphasis on various co-curricular and extensive activities for the students progress. The department has undertaken a number of initiatives regarding students development such as guest lectures, workshops, study visits poster presentation etc. ‘Personality Development’ certificate course is also run by the department. The department has started ‘Counselling Cell’ for resolving the academic and personal problems of the students. The Department of Psychology has undertaken special awareness activities in Covid-19 pandemic phase.

  •  To enhance ability of students to apply or utilize psychological facts in their life.
  •  To create awareness about mental health and encourage for dynamic personality development of students.
  •  To help students for becoming physically, mentally (psychologically), emotionally and socially active.
  •  To understand and develop the level of thinking, creativity and consciousness of students.
  •  To motivate and encourage to students to apply the knowledge in personal life.
  •  To promote and support to the students for becoming independent.
  •  To develop the skills for personality development related with their future.
  •  To help for application of psychological content and skills to career goals.
Reforms in Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA):

In the assessment period, Department of Psychology has implemented innovative reforms in internal assessment and evaluation of teaching-learning process. The department has undertaken special efforts and organized various student centric activities for students’ progress. CIA helped to improve university examination results. There is drastic change in the result during this assessment period as compared to previous assessment. Our one student has received Shiavji University Merit Scholarship for his great achievement in examination.

Sr. No Adopted Method No. of Adopted Methods
1 Unit Tests 6
2 Surprise Tests 2
3 Group Discussion 4
4 Online Tests using Google Forms 14
Use of ICT Tools:

The department continuously provides ICT based teaching-learning. The faculty of the department allows and motivate to students for using ICT based learning materials.

Sr. No Nature of Material Qty
1 YouTube Videos 70
2 PPT Bank 32
3 Audio Lessons 2
4 PDF Notes 6
5/td> MCQ Banks 6
4 E-books 4
Certificate Course:

The department has started ‘Personality Development’ certificate course of Lifelong Learning and Extension Department, Shivaji University, Kolhapur during the academic year 2020-21.

Name of the Course: Personality Development
Duration: 3 Months
Qualification: 12th Pass
Assessment Procedure: A) Written Examination
B) Oral examination
Name of the Course Coordinator: Dr. A. B. Balugade

Result of the Course:
Year Enrolled Students Appeared Students Passed Students Passed Percentage
2020-21 12 11 11 91.66%