Department of Sociology

Department Information

Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Mahavidyalaya was established in 1971 and the department of Sociology was started in the academic year 1973- 74. It offers B.A. course to the students. It is committed to creating knowledge, pursuing academic excellence and holistic development of the students. It has well-qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. It is actively engaged in organizing state, National and international level seminars, webinars and conferences on various themes to ensure students' academic growth. It is instrumental in developing successful alumni. It organizes diverse student-centric activities and events. It runs an add-on course “certificate course on social work training to develop a social sense in society.

The head of the department including Prof. M. S. Yedekar (1974 to 1975), Prof. Mrs. M. D. Patil (1975 to 1984), Prof. S. V. Wadgave (1984 to 2009), Prof. K. M. Nirmale (2009 to 2016) and Dr. K. M. Desai has been working as the Head of the Department since 2016.

  • • To develop students through value-based quality education with a commitment to their ethical multidimensional development which will contribute to their educational, social and economic well-being.
  • • To inculcate goals and values stated in the constitution of India among the students for upholding values such as democracy, equality, social justice and inclusiveness required for a just and human society through sociological knowledge
  • To study the discipline of sociology and sociological perspectives.
  • To create awareness of social research among the students.
  • To fulfil the social needs of the community through sociological knowledge.
  • To create social awareness among students about social problems like rape, terrorism, child labour, dowery and female foeticide.
  • To enable students to apply their knowledge for a career as well as fulfil social responsibilities.
Teaching Methods :

Lecture methods, group discussions, quiz methods, seminars, homework, book review methods are used for teaching Sociology. Also ICT tools, Google Meet, Zoom Application, WhatsApp, YouTube, self prepared notes are used to increase the knowledge of students. Apart from this the field study method is used to gain direct practical knowledge of subject.

Study Sources :

In addition to the above teaching methods, various study resources are used to improve the teaching process and increase the knowledge of the students through the study of sociology. The following is study sources used by the Department.

Content Quantity
e-books 25
PPT Bank 42
e-Journals 14
YouTube Videos 52
PPT Bank 42
Internal Evaluation Methods:

Various types of internal evaluation tests have been taken for the subject assessment by the department. This include open book exam, unit test, and surprise tests. Such internal evaluation tests have benefited the students to perform well in the final exam or to study more. Sometimes surprise test are taken when required. Such an internal assessment system has also had a favorable effect on students' performance in the final exams. With the objective of enabling student to prepare well for the exams or to study more and more question bank has also been provided to students.

CIE Notebook

Surprise Test


Unit test

Departmental Library:

The departmental library is started by the Sociology department and there are 56 textbooks and 56 reference books in the department library.

Shivaji University Certificate Course:

The department of sociology runs the short-term certificate course on social work training of the department of lifelong learning and Extension. Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The course is of six months duration. The course offers a number of employment opportunities in the sector of social work.

Course Objectives
  • To create social awareness in students
  • Develop skills in social interaction and social problems
  • To achieve social justice through social development and social change.
  • To motivate and encourage students to apply the knowledge in their personal and social life.
  • To prepare students for continuing professional development including future graduate study.
  • To promote and support the students in becoming independent

The Outcome of Course:
  • Po 1 : Engage Diversity and Difference in practice.
  • Po 2 : Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic and Environmental Justice.
  • Po 3 : Engage in practice informed research and research informed practice..
  • Po 4 : Evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.
  • Po 5 : Engage in policy practice.

Certificate Course Certificate

Certificate Course Mark sheet

Departmental Blog:

The Department of Sociology introduced a Departmental Blog in the Academic Year 2019-20. The Blog is active and efficient caters to the academic needs of the students. The Blog enables students with academic ventures, curricular and extracurricular activities at a glance. During the Covid-19 epidemic, it emerged as a guiding source to students of the department. The contribution of the Blog earns praiseworthy remarks. It provides the subject related study material including syllabus, question paper pattern, PPTs, video/audio lectures, PDF notes etc. The drive of Blog added popularity to the department. Till date, it records 249 views on the Blog.