Department Information

Department Information

Bachelor of Science was started in 2014-15 and Statistics department started from 2016-17. Now at present Mr. K. M. Mali is head of the department. For development of students Department of Statistics regularly organizes various program related to skill development, workshops, guest lecturers etc.

  • To create an eminent scholars in Statistics
  • To provide intensive teaching and training to the student to understand statistical tools, methods, use of software's and its applications to other disciplines.
  • To provide additional knowledge to our students by signing MOU’s and linkages with various institutions.
  • To make the student perfect in basic Statistics at undergraduate level.
  • To make student expert in data analysis by using open source Statistical software.
Departmental Facilities

The Department of Statistics provides departmental facilities and various ICT tools to ensure effective teaching-learning in the classroom and improve attainment level of the students. Followings are the facilities given by Department of Statistics.

Scientific Calculator-20

Statistical Table-10

Use of ICT Tools & Resources:

PPTs - 20

E-Quiz - 02 (

PDF Notes - 30

Question Banks - 08

Departmental Library:

In addition to central Shivaji Library, the Department of Statistics started departmental library during the assessment period of 2017-18 to 2021-22 to render better academic resources to the students. The collection is enriched with donations of books by faculty and students.

Sr. No Particulars Department Library
1 Reference Books 05
2. Text Books 17

References books and Text books

Google Classroom - 05
WhatsApp group:

WhatsApp groups of first, second and third year students were formed from the academic year 2019-20. Video lectures, study materials, questionnaires as well as important suggestions, student feedback are exchanged through WhatsApp group.

References books and Text books

References books and Text books

Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE):

The Department of Statistics utilizes various evaluation procedures to give practice of writing answers in effective manner at University Level examinations. These attempts prepare the students well to face examinations and achieve great success. Major evaluation procedures adopted are as follows:

Sr. No Particulars Quantity
1 Provided Question Bank 08
2. Open Book Exam 15
3 Preliminary Exam 05
4. Seminar 02
5 Projects 10
6. Home Assignment 09
7 Unit test 23
8 Internal Exam 20

Home Assignment

Student Seminar

Student Project